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The Fife Regeneration, Health and Wellbeing Study

Finding out more about the health and wellbeing of the people of Fife

Levenmouth Regeneration Area

The most significant findings emerging from the Fife Regeneration Health and Well Being Study for the Levenmouth regeneration area are presented below, with comparisons with the position across Fife as a whole. More detailed findings, contained in the Levenmouth ROA Health and Well Being report, will be available shortly.

  • High unemployment – Levenmouth recorded one of the highest level of residents aged 16-64 claiming JSA, more than twice the Fife average

Proportion of households claiming Job Seekers Allowance


  • Poor health – The area has one of the highest proportions of residents with a long standing illness, health problem or disability and most health indicators are more negative than the Fife average (although they tend to be better than most of the other ROA areas)

 Residents with long standing illness, health problem or disability


  • Access to Services – The area recorded a high level of dissatisfaction with activities for teenagers and facilities for young children

 Dissatisfied with facilities for young children


  • Community safety – Levenmouth recorded the highest proportion of residents who were very concerned about going out at night (with Kirkcaldy) and not feeling safe and secure at home. A high proportion of residents also have serious concerns about drug misuse or dealing and rowdy behaviour

 Residents concerned about going out at night


  • Community well being – More Levenmouth residents said their area was a poor place to live compared to the other four regeneration areas and more than four times the rate recorded across Fife

Residents stating their area is a poor place to live


  • Poor physical environment – a high proportion of Levenmouth ROA residents are dissatisfied with the physical appearance of their local area. Dissatisfaction with the appearance of local shopping areas, play areas and open spaces is also higher than the Fife average

Dissatisfaction with the physical appearance of their local area