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The Fife Regeneration, Health and Wellbeing Study

Finding out more about the health and wellbeing of the people of Fife

Target regeneration areas

The local people who participate in the study live in the following targeted regeneration areas.

The target regeneration areas in Dunfermline are:

  • Inverkeithing South East

  • Dunfermline Abbeyview Central

  • Dunfermline Abbeyview East

  • Kingseathill West

The target regeneration areas in Central Fife are:

  • Lochgelly South West

  • Lochgelly Central South West

  • Lochgelly East

  • Crosshill and Lochore South

  • Lochore North

  • Kelty South West

  • Kelty West

  • Ballingry South

  • Ballingry West

  • Ballingry Central

  • Ballingry East

The target regeneration areas in West Fife are:

  • High Valleyfield 

  • Oakley South East

  • Oakley North East

The target regeneration areas in Kirkcaldy are:

  • Linktown South

  • Linktown Central

  • Smeaton South

  • Smeaton North

  • Sinclairtown North West

  • Templehall North North East

  • Templehall Central and North

  • Templehall East

  • Gallatown South

  • Gallatown North

  • Hayfield West

  • Hayfield North

  • Forth Park North East and Pathhead North West

  • Dysart South

The target regeneration areas in Levenmouth are:

  • Buckhaven South West

  • Buckhaven Central

  • Methil South

  • Methil South West

  • Methil South South West

  • Methil West

  • Methil North West

  • Methil North

  • Methilhill South West

  • Methilhill Central and South

  • Methilhill East

  • Methilhill North

  • Kirkland

  • Kennoway South Eas

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